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Kent Chapter Past Programming

ASD Kent County Chapter Programs (2016)

The Archaeology of 17th Century Kent County, Delaware
Tuesday, January 26, by Chuck Fithian

Lithics 101 – What Can Stone Tools Tell Us About Native Americans?

Tuesday, February 23, by Kristin Scarr

*Special* The Archaeological Search for Amelia Earhart

Tuesday, March 8, by Tom King (nationally-known speaker, on TIGHAR’s 2017 plans to return to Nikumaroro atoll)

Kent County, Delaware: The Buffer Zone Between the Lenape and the Sekonese

Tuesday, March 29, by Marshall Becker

Before It Was Dover – An Overview of the Prehistory of Central Delaware

Tuesday, April 26, by John McCarthy

Search for the Lost Corbit Tannery

Tuesday, May 31, by John Bansch 

So What to Do with All This Stuff That We Dig Up?  Archaeological Curation and a View from Delaware

Tuesday, June 28, by Paul Nasca

Night at Kent Archaeology’s Roundtable

Tuesday, July 26, by Delaware’s Best

How the Marquis Saved American Civilization

Tuesday, August 30, by Kim Burdick

The Novaculite Question: Native Stone Tool Material in North America

Tuesday, September 27, by Kristin Scarr

Captain John Smith on the Nanticoke

Tuesday, October 25, by Dan Griffith 

Past Programs (2015)

Kidnapped:  Aaron Cooper’s Story of Slavery and Freedom
Wednesday, February 25, by Craig Lukezic

The Archaeology of Colonial Quaker Aesthetics and Consumer Behavior
Tuesday, April 28, by John McCarthy

All That is Dutch:  Discovering the Dutch Roots in Delaware through Archaeology
Tuesday, June 30, by Alice Guerrant

Growing Up A Washington:  Childhood in 18th Century Virginia
Tuesday, August 25, by Heidi Krofft

Cemeteries:  A Final Resting Place?
Tuesday October 27, by Ed Otter

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