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Sussex Chapter

Mission Statement Sussex County Chapter – ASD
(Drafted November 2008)

The Sussex County Chapter is part of the Archaeological Society of Delaware (ASD).

The chapter exists to support and promote archaeology and historic preservation in Sussex County and the greater Delmarva region.

The Sussex County Chapter will:

  • Serve to enhance bonds among its members by sharing varying interests, abilities and educational experiences.
  • Work in Sussex County to preserve, protect and explore archaeological sites.
  • Assist other groups, such as historical societies and Native American organizations and offer support in nearby venues, particularly within the State of Delaware.
  • Contribute to spreading archaeological information to the public through regular public meetings, lectures, exhibits and news media.
  • Provide opportunities for its amateur members to experience archaeology in the field and laboratory.
  • Encourage the efforts of state and professional archaeologists in Sussex County by offering assistance and publicizing the importance of their work.

Sussex Chapter President:

Ed OtterĀ

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